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This weekend, the food column I’ve written for the Kelowna Daily Courier and Kamloops This Week, is expanding to the Calgary Beacon! The Beacon is an exciting, on-line only, publication of news, sports, events and lifestyles. I couldn’t be more pleased to be joining them.

Turkey Left Over

by Darcie Hossack

Last Thanksgiving, I was introduced to Turkey.  Turkey, who by grand luck, had managed to get a stay of his roasting date, and already lived to see a few anniversaries of his hatching.

Perhaps it was the way he came into the world – hatched from his egg by a pet chicken – that earned him a seat, rather than a platter, at Thanksgiving. Or maybe it’s just that the chef he lives with has a soft spot for domesticated fowl, even though plenty have been sauced and served at his restaurant over the years… Read More Here.


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The scene is a charming townhouse bordering a family park. It’s Sunday morning,
just before noon, and friends and family are gathered around the table, tuned into
CBC Radio. It’s almost time for Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe.

We’ve all arrived half an hour early, shedding our shoes into a collective pile at
the bottom of the stairs. Some has brought a coffeecake. Everyone is
enjoying the anticipation.

This, after all, is not just any airing. This is the episode where Stuart himself
is going to read the story about how my friend, Lori-Anne, had an epiphany when she
got her lips stuck around a giant Popcicle at a hot, very hot, outdoor Beach Boys

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